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Trawl-survey data in the Adriatic Sea (Mediterranean) collected in 1972, 1975 and 1981

In November 1972, the Laboratory of Marine Biology and Fisheries of Fano (LMBF, Italy) and the Institute of Oceanography and Fisheries (IOF, Croatia) organised a fishery-independent joint research in the Central Adriatic along the profile Fano-Dugi Otok (5 hauls), which was later extended to four profiles (17 hauls) in the Northern and Central Adriatic in October 1975. In September 1981, another survey performed three profiles in the Northern Adriatic Sea (9 hauls), replicating some of the stations sampled in 1975. Since stations coordinates were not explicitly available in the documents, they were geolocated by using a GIS software based on sampling locations as reported on printed maps. The depth of each station was extracted from the EMODnet Digital Bathymetry. The composition of the demersal assemblages (41 species in 1972, 59 species in 1975 and 36 in 1981) was sampled with the use of a bottom otter-trawl net and reported in terms of quantity and quality (CPUE: kg/h). Species synonymies were updated according to the modern nomenclature referring to the World Register of Marine Species (WoRMS). Some species are grouped into multispecies categories that group taxonomically similar species, i.e. species of the same genus or family (e.g. Raja spp., Triglidae). Sampling in 1972 was carried out by means of the Italian commercial trawler “Santi Medici” (300 HP; LOA = unknown), while in 1975 and 1981 by means of the Italian commercial trawler “Giannetto” (120 HP; LOA = 19 m). Few information are available in relation to the characteristics of the nets employed. “Giannetto” towed a net with cod-end mesh size of 18 mm, while “Santi Medici” towed a net with cod-end mesh size of 20 mm. The average tow speed was 3.5 knots for “Santi Medici” and 3 knots for “Giannetto”.

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