Turbellaria from mudflats in the Zwin nature reserve (1983-1984)

Inventory of Turbellaria species and examination of the share of Turbellaria in the meiofauna of the Zwin. The data were digitized by VLIZ from the original report: Revis, N. (1984). Studie van de Turbellaria in een slikke van het Zwin. BSc Thesis. Free University of Brussels: Faculty of Science: Brussel.

A total of 29 samples were collected and divided over six sampling locations (Zwin1-Zwin6) between 14 September 1983 and 09 March 1984. The Turbellaria define 1 to 39% of the meiofauna. In total there were 47 species (without Acoela, except P. rubra) found in the Zwin, from which 43 were determined to species level. From those, there is one new for science: Archilopsis arenaria.

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