Mica - Muskrat, Raccoon and Coypu occurrences collected by ITAW in Germany

Mica - Muskrat and Coypu and Raccoon Occurrences collected by ITAW, Germany is an occurrence dataset published by the Research Institute of Nature and Forest (INBO) and ITAW (Institute for Terrestrial and Aquatic Wildlife Research. It is part of the LIFE MICA - Management of Invasive Coypu and muskrat in Europe project on Muskrat monitoring networks in Flanders, The Netherlands and Germany. This dataset contains Muskrat, Raccoon and Coypu counts. Here it is published as a standardized Darwin Core Archive and includes for each occurrence record an recordID, date, location, samplingProtocol, the number of recorded individuals, status (present/absent) and scientific name. Issues with the dataset can be reported at https://github.com/inbo/muskrat-uvw-occurrences/issues We have released this dataset to the public domain under a Creative Commons Zero waiver. We would appreciate it if you follow the INBO norms for data use (https://www.inbo.be/en/norms-data-use) when using the data. If you have any questions regarding this dataset, don't hesitate to contact us via the contact information provided in the metadata or via opendata@inbo.be.

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Source http://www.gbif.org/dataset/7dc4507b-63b7-4579-bd29-c5950018895b
Last Updated November 8, 2021, 12:54 (UTC)
Created November 8, 2021, 12:54 (UTC)
Dataset type OCCURRENCE
Source DarwinCore Archive https://ipt.inbo.be/archive.do?r=mica-itaw-occurrences
Dataset website https://lifemica.eu/
GBIF UUID 7dc4507b-63b7-4579-bd29-c5950018895b
Administrative contact Lilja Fromme - lilja.fromme@tiho-hannover.de
Metadata author Lilja Fromme - lilja.fromme@tiho-hannover.de