Flanders Environment Agency (VMM)

VMM is part of the Environment, Nature and Energy policy domain of the Flemish government. We have a wide range of responsibilities within the domains water, air and the environment. The mission of VMM is to contribute to the realisation of the environmental policy objectives by reporting on the state of the environment and by preventing, limiting and reversing harmful impacts on water systems and pollution of the atmosphere, and to the realisation of the integrated water policy objectives. Our tasks are established by decree and conducted under a management agreement with the Flemish government, setting strategic and operational goals, but also ensuring a great deal of autonomy concerning how we carry out our tasks and how we develop our organization.

Additional Info

Field Value
Administrative point of contact Rudy Vannevel (r.vannevel@vmm.be) +32-053 726 626
City Aalst
Homepage(s) https://en.vmm.be/
Point of contact Rudy Vannevel (r.vannevel@vmm.be) +32-053 726 626
Technical point of contact Dimitri Brosens (dimitri.brosens@inbo.be) +32-497354796