University of Liège

The University of Liege is the only public, pluralist and complete university institution of the French Walloon-Brussels community of Belgium (20 000 students, 1500 researchers). It is a part of the Wallonia-Europe University Academy. Although the Institution backs certain subjects and research orientations in particular, that it deems as priorities, it does not wish to be deprived of those that exist and that are inseparable from its status as a complete university. Biodiversity data may be provided in relation to regular research contracts of different research lab or units, working on different taxa, habitats and geographic areas. The ULg works actively in research projects with countries in all continents and continues a scientific and technical partnership in around sixty developing countries.

Additional Info

Field Value
Administrative point of contact Gilles Lepoint ( ++32-04 3663327
City Liège
Point of contact Gilles Lepoint ( ++32-04 3663327
Technical point of contact Loïc Michel ( ++32-04 3662836